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Located in Beijing, China, ADHOC INTERTEK Co.,Ltd is a professional vendor who provides reagents used in researches and quality control of glycosaminoglycan products such as heparin and chondroitin sulfate.Our enzyme product and detection reagents e.g. Heparinase / Chondroitinase / Reagents for chromogenic assays(s-2238,s-2222,) have been sold to a number of countries.And we have estiblished a cooperative relationship with customers in over 10 countries including USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, etc. We are trying our best to serve the customers with fine products. Product line for glycobiology Heparinase are produced from Flavobacterium heparinum. These natural enzymes are widely used in heparin analysis. Chondroitinase ABC , chondroitinase AC and chondroitinase B are provided also. Reagents for chromogenic assays include chromogenic substrate S-2238, S-2765, S-2765, a...More>>



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